Vote Green and Stop the Machine!

Did you miss our monthly meeting in December?  Here's video of the conversation we had on our community's overdose pandemic. 

From this conversation, we are working on a local platform plank on addiction.  If it's ready in time, registered Greens can vote on the plank at the January monthly meeting on January 11th at the Flying Squirrel.  Info on that meeting is coming soon, but for now Save The Date.


Did you leave us in 2016 to support Bernie Sanders in the Primary?

Green background with yellow sunflower in the middle.  Text says
That's OK.  Bernie's isn't a Democrat either.  You can switch back to the party where you belong by downloading and mailing in t
his form: 

OR, you can come to our next Monthly Meeting on January 11th.  We'll have Voter Registration forms!

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