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Meagan Harris, local Green, educator in the Rochester City School District (RCSD) and Steering Committee Member of the Rochester Organization of Rank and File Educators (RORE), will be our guest speaker to discuss how safe it is to re-open our schools this fall.

Is even a "hybrid" model appropriate?

Should parents have to decide between going to work and keeping their families safe?

And as Greens do, we talk about solutions. What can we do to make sure our children are not used as fodder for the capitalist machine? Find out what RORE has already been doing to stop this.

Join us for this conversation and please share this event with anyone you think will be affected by this.

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You'll also get updates on the Green Presidential campaign & the NYS Greens' lawsuit to stop changed laws that would erase most 3rd parties in NY.

Here is June's Monthly Meeting on the City of Rochester budget.  We contacted City Council & the Mayor to make suggestions and they took none of them.  Watch the presentation to see what havoc will be wrought.


Starting Monday, March 16, Foodlink will provide grab-and-go breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to school-age children from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m, Monday through Friday, at the following nine R-Centers.

- Adams Street - 85 Adams St.

- Avenue D - 200 Avenue D

- Carter Street - 500 Carter St.

- Tyshaun Cualdwell - 524 Campbell St.

- Frederick Douglass - 999 South Ave.

- Flint Street - 271 Flint St.

- David Gantt - 700 North St.

- Trenton and Pamela Jackson (Clinton- Baden) - 485 N. Clinton Ave.

- Thomas Ryan - 530 Webster Ave.

The following seven schools will also provide serve prepackaged breakfast, lunch and dinner grab-and-meals from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

- East Upper & Lower School - 1801 East Main St.

- Dr. Freddy Thomas Campus - 625 Scio St.

- The former Jefferson High School - 1 Edgerton Park

- James Monroe High School - 164 Alexander Street

- John Williams School No. 5 - 555 Plymouth Ave.

- Wilson Foundation Academy - 200 Genesee St.

- School No. 42 - 3330 Lake Ave.

Families needing assistance regarding food, shelter or non-medical services are asked to call Lifeline at 211.

[Local libraries are now closed, but you can go to their website to check out what online services they are providing.]

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OR, you can come to our next Monthly Meeting on March 12th.  We'll have Voter Registration forms!


Green Party 10 Key Values

Grassroots Democracy   •  Social Justice And Equal Opportunity  •  Ecological Wisdom    Non-Violence  •  Decentralization  •  Community-Based Economics  •  Feminism And Gender Equity  •  Respect For Diversity  •   Personal And Global Responsibility  •  Future Focus And Sustainability 



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