Vote Green and Stop the Machine!

Starting Monday, March 16, Foodlink will provide grab-and-go breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to school-age children from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m, Monday through Friday, at the following nine R-Centers.

- Adams Street - 85 Adams St.

- Avenue D - 200 Avenue D

- Carter Street - 500 Carter St.

- Tyshaun Cualdwell - 524 Campbell St.

- Frederick Douglass - 999 South Ave.

- Flint Street - 271 Flint St.

- David Gantt - 700 North St.

- Trenton and Pamela Jackson (Clinton- Baden) - 485 N. Clinton Ave.

- Thomas Ryan - 530 Webster Ave.

The following seven schools will also provide serve prepackaged breakfast, lunch and dinner grab-and-meals from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

- East Upper & Lower School - 1801 East Main St.

- Dr. Freddy Thomas Campus - 625 Scio St.

- The former Jefferson High School - 1 Edgerton Park

- James Monroe High School - 164 Alexander Street

- John Williams School No. 5 - 555 Plymouth Ave.

- Wilson Foundation Academy - 200 Genesee St.

- School No. 42 - 3330 Lake Ave.

Families needing assistance regarding food, shelter or non-medical services are asked to call Lifeline at 211.

[Local libraries are now closed, but you can go to their website to check out what online services they are providing.]

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That's OK.  Bernie's isn't a Democrat either.  You can switch back to the party where you belong by downloading and mailing in t
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OR, you can come to our next Monthly Meeting on March 12th.  We'll have Voter Registration forms!


Green Party 10 Key Values

Grassroots Democracy   •  Social Justice And Equal Opportunity  •  Ecological Wisdom    Non-Violence  •  Decentralization  •  Community-Based Economics  •  Feminism And Gender Equity  •  Respect For Diversity  •   Personal And Global Responsibility  •  Future Focus And Sustainability 



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