Vote Green and Stop the Machine!

Over 5000 people in Monroe County voted for Jill Stein & Ajama Baraku on November 8th and through absentee ballot in 2016.  Think of the people who didn't vote because they didn't know there was a candidate who advocated for ending wars, single-payer health care, and eliminating student debt.

We must continue this revolution.  

Elections and running for office are one tool that should be utilized to create a new, just society.  Join us to work together to create that just society.

There are a number of local elections happening in 2017 and it's all hands on deck for:

  • Monroe County Sheriff
  • County Legislature
  • Rochester Mayor
  • City Council
  • City School Board
  • Town Boards
  • Village Boards

It all begins on Thursday, December 8th at 7pm at
The Flying Squirrel Community Center
285 Clarissa Street
Rochester, NY 14608

We'll be talking about the 2017 races and showing the movie

Free Angel and All Political Prisoners

Let's finish what we've started!

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