Vote Green and Stop the Machine!

In 2014, the turnout for the Gubernatorial election was under 30%. But the Green Party TRIPLED the number of votes it received from the last election.

Now we’re ready to build on that success!

Join us for the December Monthly Meeting as we:

*Elect Monroe County Party officers for 2015
*Discuss elections for 2015
*Show the movie Virunga (for info:

Thursday, December 11th, 7 - 9pm
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa Street
Rochester, NY 14608

Find out what you can do to build upon what local Greens and Howie Hawkins have done!

Ecological wisdom
Social justice
Grassroots democracy

It's not going to happen by itself.

Bring a friend who isn't registered Green...yet.

Thanks, again!

Bonnie Cannan, Co-Chair

Alex White, Co-Chair

Drew Langdon, Secretary

Michael Hendrick, Treasurer

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