Ban Fracking in Rochester

Evidence increasingly shows that hydraulic fracturing devastates the natural ecosystems and human communities where this practice for natural gas extraction is used. Fracking poisons our water and our air, increases earthquake activity, sickens our families, and stresses local infrastructure. Yet despite this and the continued resistance by the people, our state elected officials have taken no action to permanently halt such catastrophic activities by the gas industry within New York State.

The City of Rochester, recognizing the threat of fracking, has previously established a moratorium on such activities in June 2012 and June 2013. However, this is set to expire in the coming months leaving our community vulnerable.

Therefore, we, the People of the City of Rochester, call on Mayor Lovely Warren and the Rochester City Council to enact legislation banning hydraulic fracturing, the transport of its byproducts, and all other related activities, within the City of Rochester.


To learn more, please visit our allies at R-CAUSE and New Yorkers Against Fracking.

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Bottom line, there is just not enough evidence to say that horizontal fracking is safe. ‘Even if’ it was, the look of the process itself is a detriment to the natural landscape on top of its perturbation to a previously undisturbed ecosystem and the exploitation of communities/individuals who may be financially strapped and in vulnerable positions. In addition, we should be seeking and implementing nondestructive, sustainable energy alternatives. Our self-serving drive for finite resources and dollar signs when other options not only make more sense, but do exist and are possible, is little more than repugnant and reflective of our profound ignorance. Horizontal fracking should not only be halted temporarily, but rather permanently, until the day that proponents present overwhelming evidence that it is not only unequivocally safe (as evinced by non-fracking affiliated researchers), but also that it is our only energy option. It is unlikely that either will occur. The cyclic need for opponents to continue to maintain moratoriums through repeated petitions is a ridiculous waste of human resources.
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Sign the petition: Ban Fracking in Rochester
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Sign the petition: Ban Fracking in Rochester
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Our fresh water is more valuable than gas.
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Please consider generations to come who will live with the earth and atmosphere as we leave it.
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We must not have any role regarding horizontal hydro-fracking. It is dangerous. It is highly wasteful of our precious water supply.
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I HOPE SOMEONE WILL STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE. Are our elected officials going to let the gas and oil industry frack in this state. If you ( the elected officials) believe this is a safe practice, then lead by example and have them frack in your back yard. If this makes you feel unsafe, now you know how we feel. This practice by the gas industry is going to hurt New York finger lakes tourism and what about the roads and traffic. Who pays for this ? We do. If you ok this,I believe you are acting not in the best interests of the people of NY. Please do the right thing, don;t support fracking in this state. Do your homework and visit other states that do this practice and see how the people are effected by it. Don’t sell out to the Gas industry. PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS.
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It is also important for the City of Rochester to support the communities which lie in the watershed for the source of water for the City, namely Hemlock and Canadice Lakes, in their effort to prevent fracking there as well. Taking this first stand of banning fracking in Rochester is tremendously important.
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