Greens Begin Campaign Against Joe Biden

Today, the Green Party has begun it's nationwide effort to add its voice to the growing dissent against Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Read our press release below


For Immediate Release May 14th, 2020


Green Party to Begin Rallying the Nation Against the Joe Biden.


Rochester, NY- The Green Party of Monroe County, NY is calling upon Greens and progressives of all stripes to recognize the dire situation our nation faces in November.

Disease is plaguing our land, bringing unemployment, hunger and unrest to the population, while the President flaunts his incompetence and criminality daily.

Despite these beneficial conditions for a change in leadership, Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s presumptive Democratic opponent, seems ever less likely to close the deal.

Biden’s odious political career is only the beginning of his problems. He also shows every sign of being mentally unfit for the Presidency, retains the personal vulnerabilities that the Ukraine affair exposed, and is now beset by embarrassing sexual assault charges as well.

And the situation grows worse. Our nation faces the prospect of irregularities brought on by mass mail-in voting, even as the White House hints that the President may attempt to suspend the election. Add to this a widely-held suspicion that Donald Trump will not concede even if he is beaten and going into 2021 America may be faced with a Constitutional crisis on top of a health crisis.

The Green Party believes that November’s election will push our democracy to it’s breaking point, and that the Democratic Party lacks the strength and the will to protect the nation.

In good times, the Green Party is thought of as being an appendage to the Democratic Party, unless they fail, in which case we are considered their nemesis. This year, the Democrats risk failing much more than themselves.

The Green Party is currently in the midst of its own primaries, and we have several strong candidates (including New York’s Howie Hawkins) who will test the Democrats’ dedication to workers, the poor and the vulnerable. But we are also conscious of the fact that in November, the public will mostly be focused on the two major party candidates.

As such, local Green parties across the country are today launching a campaign to urge all of their members to voice their dissatisfaction with the Democrats more loudly and aggressively than they have so far, and to encourage all progressive voters to unify behind the message that Joe Biden is an insufficient candidate for President.



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