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Discussion on Gun Violence, Part 2

Below is the video of our July 21, 2022 conversation on gun violence.  At the end, the group decided to continue the conversation on Tuesday, August 9th at 7pm.  Again, this will be on Zoom.  The registration link to participate is:

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Why is there inaction in New York on climate change, and single payer health care, and real public safety, and all of the things we have been demandA flyer for a climate change rally in Albany, April 22nd in Albany NYing for decades?  The Democrats are in complete power of our state government and yet nothing of any substance has changed.  At what point do we say "Enough!"?

Whether you're a long-time Green, a used-to-be-Green, or an it's-about-time-I-become-a-Green, there are things happening that you can take part in to make actual systemic change take place.

On Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd, there is an Earth Day rally happening in Albany.  The Green Party of Monroe County is working with a host of other groups to get people there to demand real action to combat climate change. The bus is leaving Rochester at 6:30am from the Park & Ride in Fairport next to St. John Fisher College.  Please let us know if you need a ride to the pick up spot by replying to this email or calling Dave at 585-315-7687. 

To read more about the rally, visit

To get a seat on the bus, sign up at

If you're concerned about climate change, single payer health care, Black lives, over-incarceration, housing, food justice, and on and on, we need people to vote for who will actually fight for these things.  The Green Party is proud to announce that Howie Hawkins is going to be the Green Party's candidate for Governor with Gloria Mattera as his running mate for Lt. Governor. 

In case you missed it, over the last 2 years, the Democratic Party has waged a war against third parties that their cronies in the judicial system has upheld (for now).  You may have noticed that only the smaller parties who pledge fealty to their corporate masters have been allowed to officially exist (for now).  You can readA white woman & white man with a beard at a protest more about this at Green and Libertarian Parties Open Letter to Governor Kathy Hochul.

Our legal appeal will not be heard until the fall, so in the meantime, to get Howie & Gloria on the ballot, we need the increased number of signatures on petitions - 45,000 signatures across the state.  We need your help!  Don't let the corporate parties run unopposed - let's get Howie & Gloria on the ballot so that they can fight with us for a real climate change fight, to get single payer health care passed, make housing a human right in NY, and more.

Petitioning starts on April 19th and goes through May.  We're going to have a hybrid live/remote meeting to talk about the task at hand and to train people on how to get petition signatures.  We will be meeting on Saturday, April 23rd from 1 - 3pm.  If you would like to attend, here are the details:

In person:  We will be announcing the location soon - we're just waiting for the final OK.  (You must wear a mask to attend.)

Remote:  You must register to get the link...

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

It's time to show that the Green Party is not an alternative, but the imperative. 

A Dialogue on Anti-Racism

Read the REAL Racial Equity Plan, click here.

The State of Police Accountability in Rochester

Green Vice Presidential Candidate Angela Walker at the GPoMC Monthly Meeting

For more information, to volunteer, and donate go to


Here is June's Monthly Meeting on the City of Rochester budget.  We contacted City Council & the Mayor to make suggestions and they took none of them.  Watch the presentation to see what havoc will be wrought.


Did you leave us to support Bernie Sanders in the past?Green background with yellow sunflower in the middle.  Text says\

That's OK. You can switch back to the party where you belong by downloading and mailing in t
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Green Party 10 Key Values

Grassroots Democracy   •  Social Justice And Equal Opportunity  •  Ecological Wisdom    Non-Violence  •  Decentralization  •  Community-Based Economics  •  Feminism And Gender Equity  •  Respect For Diversity  •   Personal And Global Responsibility  •  Future Focus And Sustainability 



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