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What Would Jesus Buy?  (The Movie)

Join GPOMC this Saturday to watch What Would Jesus Buy?  WWJB is the classic movie with Reverend Billy.  Here is his own synopsis:

"Since so often the apocalypse-making problems that shock us in the news every day would be solved by consuming less.... here is the 2007 film "What Would Jesus Buy?" Shopping the way that governments and corporations want us to shop - produces C02 emissions. That's the final Venal Sin here. It is bad for the Earth."

There will be two showings, one at Noon and another one at 7pm. The registration links are different for each.

Saturday, December 11th

Noon Showing:

7pm Showing:

Reverend Billy in a white suit preaching in Times Square with a dozen or more \

Invite a friend and Bring Your Own Popcorn.

A Dialogue on Anti-Racism

Read the REAL Racial Equity Plan, click here.

The State of Police Accountability in Rochester

Green Vice Presidential Candidate Angela Walker at the GPoMC Monthly Meeting

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Here is June's Monthly Meeting on the City of Rochester budget.  We contacted City Council & the Mayor to make suggestions and they took none of them.  Watch the presentation to see what havoc will be wrought.


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