Candidate Questionnaire





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Green Party of Monroe County [email protected]
891 Monroe Ave

Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 454-8474

Name: _________ ________________________________

Office Sought:_________ __________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________

E-mail: _________ ______________________________

Mailing Address:________ __________________

URL (Web site):________ ______________________

Campaign slogan: _______ _____________________________

Please list names and contact information (e-mail & or phone) for key staff members

Campaign Manager: ______ ___________________

Communication specialist: _____ __________

Webmaster: _________ __________________________

Volunteer Coordinator: _____ _____________

What is your party registration?____________________


If necessary would you become a green to run for this office? ________
Please attach a copy of your resume.



Why are you running?


What are the goals of your campaign?

Have you run for office before? [if yes please list when and for what offices]



Have you ever held an elected office? [if yes please list when and for what offices]

Will running or winning create a conflict of interest with any of your current positions, please discuss.

What resources are available to you?


How will your campaign be funded, will your campaign accept contributions from Corporate entities, PAC's, etc.?


The Green Party will not endorse members of the Democratic, Republican, Conservative,

Independence, or Working Families parties. Are you willing to change your party registration to

receive our endorsement?



If you get the Green Party endorsement, what support would you expect from the party?


What endorsements are you actively seeking?

How much time are you personally willing/planning to spend on your campaign?


Are any members of your staff paid?

Have you ever attended a Green Party Meeting?

Once elected how often will you meet with the Green Party, and what role will the Green Party have in your administration?

Do you know of any issues that you do not agree with the Green Party's position, please explain.


Would you be willing to submit to a background check?



Please discuss your experience in combating oppression based on race, gender, sexual

orientation, gender identity, ability, etc.


Listed below are the Four Pillars of the Green Party. Please explain briefly how your campaign will embody each of these values, or how your past experience has led to a strengthening of these values in our community.

• Ecological Responsibility:

• Nonviolence:.

• Grassroots Democracy:


• Social and Economic Justice:


Please choose two major issues confronting our community that are relevant to the office you want to run for, and then list one innovative, Green-friendly idea for dealing with the issue.

• Issue #1:

• Issue #2:

Thank you for your interest in the Green Party of Monroe County. We will contact you about

setting up an interview. If you have questions about this form, or about the endorsement process,

 e-mail [email protected] .

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