Doctors Heal Sick Bodies – Teachers Inspire Great Minds

Profession: A type of job that requires special education, training, or skill.

Professional: A person engaged or qualified in a profession.

When an individual decides to consult a doctor, that person relies on the doctor’s expertise to determine not only the problem, but the best course of action to alleviate or cure whatever is wrong.

The doctor examines the individual and orders relevant tests to determine the cause of the problem while taking into account the patients physical and mental health both historically and at the time of the visit.

Upon receiving the information from the patient and the relevant tests, the doctor makes a determination as to how to proceed in treatment.

The patient, relying on the doctor’s knowledge and understanding of medicine decides to trust the doctor’s judgement or not.

At no time does the doctor or patient go to the makers of tests, the makers of the equipment used to test, or the makers of the furniture in the doctors office for their opinion.

This is because the patient trusts the profession and professionalism of the doctor.

Teaching is a profession, a teacher is a professional and children are entrusted to educators to determine through history and current evidence, the best course of action to follow in order to properly educate the child.

However, in education, we have allowed test makers and computer companies and retail market moguls to decide our children’s educational course while ignoring not only the profession of teaching but the professionalism of the teacher who is in direct contact with the student.

Individuals who never see or interact with the children who come to school are determined to influence the direction of their educational future by putting them in a room with every other child taking the same test in the same way regardless of their abilities and talents.

These same individuals then blame the educational misdiagnosis and failure to thrive of the child on the teacher.

Our children are gifted and talented individuals who deserve personal attention and professional guidance to ensure their educational success.

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