Take that Genocidal Flag Down

[Despite local Zionists trying to spread false rumors that we have canceled this action, we have not.  See you on Tuesday!]

By now it’s pretty clear that the Democratic Party is not going to stand up against genocide. Locally, it’s been months and we’re still waiting on a ceasefire resolution from City Council. And even worse, a Democratic-led County of Monroe has the nerve to fly a genocidal flag in front of the building.

Protesters have torn down this flag three times already, and each time it has been immediately replaced. Does Adam Bello buy them by the case?

Now it’s time to do something.

Tuesday, March 12th, the Green Party of Monroe County will be leading a charge to get Monroe County to take the flag of Israel down from its flagpole in front of the County building.A flyer with most of the text that is on this page That is the only thing we are demanding, for now. Join us:

  • Sign up to speak at the next County Legislature meeting. The phone number is 753-1950. The meeting starts at 6pm. But BEFORE that,
  • Join us on the steps in front of the County Legislature, 39 W. Main Street, Rochester at 5:30pm. Let us know if you would be interested in speaking to members of the local media. (Details below)

If you’re a member of a group who would like to co-sponsor this effort to get the flag taken down and would like to speak at the Press Conference, have a representative contact Dave Sutliff-Atias at [email protected].

It's not complicated. We’re witnessing a genocide.. And if any of the corporate-sponsored parties in our government aren’t willing to at least stop promoting it, they need to step aside and let those who actually oppose the murder of children and other civilians to take over.

Talking Points:

  • Being anti-genocide is not antisemitism.
  • Protesters have already taken the flag down 3 times.
  • Where is the Palestinian flag?
  • Hostages are alive and well under Hamas.  What about the thousands Israel has?
  • More Israeli hostages have been killed by Israel than Hamas.
  • By definition Israel is committing genocide.
  • This is not a war, this is genocide.
  • Is this how we support our Palestinian community members?
  • Monroe County is flying the flag of the country that has killed over 10,000 children since October 7th.
  • "Never again" is for everyone.
  • We came together to fight apartheid in South Africa.  This is not different.
  • Under international law, Hamas’ violence against Israeli soldiers and military is considered legal resistance to colonial domination and oppression.

Sample Speech:

"I would like to express my opposition to flying the Israeli flag outside the county office building. Israel has killed over 40,000 innocent civilians in the past five months. In addition, (insert your favorite talking point here). As a resident of Monroe County, I do not endorse Israel's actions. Our county government should represent all people, including myself, and not just those who hold one opinion. Take down the flag!"

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