GOP Mixed Messages Threaten American Lives

The GOP is harming America with its mixed messaging on Covid-19. Here is the Green Party of Monroe County's press release of May 1st, 2020.


GOP Mixed Messages Threaten American Lives


 Rochester, NY- Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, the Republican Party has been working at cross-purposes with those trying to protect American lives.

From the White House slow-walking its response to the outbreak, to the President suggesting that Americans ingest poison as a potential cure, to intimidation of public health officials (“#FireFauci”), to Vice-President Mike Pence publicly flaunting his disregard for wearing protective masks, the Republican Party has behaved less like a guardian of the American people and more like a fifth column in service of the virus itself.

Now, many elected GOP politicians are racing ahead recklessly to reduce social distancing measures, and the President has even urged the governor of Michigan to “make a deal” with armed mobs assembling in complete disregard for public safety.

With the State of New York being the most hard-hit by the Covid-19 crisis, the Republican Party of New York State holds the lion’s share of responsibility to push back against the dangerous moves being made by its elected officials--moves guaranteed to cost many Americans their lives.

The Green Party of Monroe County insists that NY GOP chairman Nick Langworthy denounce these Republican efforts to divide the public in this time of unrest, and to make the well-being of our frontline workers, our first responders, and our loved ones their first priority.

The GOP must halt its effort to prematurely end the Quarantine.

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