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Responsibilities of the Board
The Rochester Board of Education is a seven-member board elected by the citizens of Rochester to direct and oversee the operations of the school district. Board Commissioners serve four-year terms. Among the responsibilities of the Board of Education are the following:
•Setting the strategic direction of the District through policy development and adoption.
•Appointing the Superintendent of Schools.
•Promoting an alliance of teachers, administrators, students, parents, citizens, government, and community resources.
•Working to secure adequate resources for maximizing student learning.
•Ensuring the wise use of community educational assets and resources.
•Serving on Board committees addressing the areas of Board Governance & Development, Audit, Community and Intergovernmental Relations, Finance & Resource
Allocation, Policy Development & Review, and Excellence in Student Achievement.
•Representing the best interests of the citizens of Rochester through effective leadership.

Board Commissioners serve as liaisons to specific schools. Board liaisons visit their assigned schools periodically and serve as advocates to the full Board on behalf of those schools.

Millions upon millions of dollars have been spent over the last twelve years hiring, firing, retiring, rehiring, removing, and approving superintendents that have done little more than usurp parent and community authority in our district through the inefficient and ineffective leadership of the Board of Commissioners.

School Board Commissioners have failed to diligently follow Board policy concerning their own positions and have shown little to no integrity in holding either the Superintendent or Central Office administration to the efficient and effective performance of their duties.

Managing a school district is not a popularity contest, it is a position of great responsibility and challenges.

Reading Board Policy 2160 - Code of Ethics, it is evident that the Board, the Superintendent, and district administrators have fallen short of meeting 2160 requirements.

It is the responsibility of citizens to know and understand the expectations of the individual they are voting into office and whether or not the incumbents have been diligently fulfilling the duties of the office to which they were elected.

Holding public office means earning the public’s trust.

Our children deserve their best.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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