Louise Slaughter's Support For Tom Richards

Received this e-mail this morning from Louise Slaughter which I found upsetting. I responded to the e-mail with my thoughts on Tom Richard's unsuitability to be the Mayor.

I feel that if a better choice for Mayor goes against party lines then one should do so for the greater good of the people. If politicians put the needs of the people ahead of corporations the world would be a better place.  Tom Richards is not the best choice for Mayor and neither is Lovely Warren. Their ties to all the mistakes made by the ciy's dominant Democratic politicians are questionable at best and may have been reponsible for possible illegal selling off properties to corporations in the past which caused further hardship for city residents.

This week the City Council with support of the Mayor are planning to perpetuate another selling off of city property in a manner which does not adhere to proper procedures for sale of property. 

Come out to the City Council meeting this week to see how Green Party candidate for Mayor Alex White handles this current attempt to defraud the people of Rochester.

This is the letter from Louise Slaughter

This morning, I will be making a public announcement about my endorsement for Rochester Mayor Tom Richards.

Mayor Richards has commitment - to making our community safer, more prosperous, and more vibrant.

That’s why I’m proud to endorse Tom for re-election this fall. As Mayor, he’s made equality for all a priority, and he’s worked so hard to make Rochester a great place to live, for all its citizens. As a lifelong Rochester resident, he knows its challenges, but he also knows its potential.

Please visit Tom’s website to learn more about his accomplishments and his plan for the future of our community.



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