Moving On With DCIP

The fourth major recommendation from the State, “The district leadership needs to develop a structured and tailored professional development plan that aligns with the Regents Reform Agenda and takes into account the differentiated needs of the staff.”

More help for our educational leaders. Even they deserve differentiated instruction.

Major Recommendation five states, “The district needs to communicate a vision that we are a date-driven culture, as well as communicate its expectation for how data is being used by staff members for supporting, instructing, and establishing goals for students.”

How can we be a data-driven culture when the leaders of programs report year after year that there is no data to report due to the newness of the program?

The district educates children not data! Educating children should be the driving force and culture of the district.

MR six, “The district needs to develop a reciprocal relationship with the school leader through collaboration and high quality support in order to fulfill the vision and mission of the school.”

This means there is little to no communication between principals and district leadership.

Tenet III: Curriculum Development and Support provides the impetus for developing and implementing Common Core State Standards.

The MR from the State, “The district needs to provide opportunities and support that allow for full implementation of the Common Core State Standards in order to foster rigorous and engaging instruction which includes application of higher order thinking skills, problem solving and project-based learning to stimulate and engage students.”

Tenet 3.4 states, “The school leader and teachers ensure that teacher collaboration within and across grades and subjects exist to enable students to have access to a robust curriculum that incorporates the arts, technology, and other enrichment opportunities”.

Providing “enrichment opportunities” to some while teaching to the test for others is the “separate but equal” state in which our schools currently operate.

The Arts should not be an enrichment opportunity but the foundation of education.

According to State recommendations, implementing a child centered system of education to inspire educational success is exactly the education our children deserve.

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