Offtrack Betting

This being an election year, everyone is climbing on the education train with ways to reform the current system of education so that it impacts the failure of the fewest number of children across the nation.

It is very easy to climb aboard this iron horse since it jumped the track decades ago and education leaders have yet to place it back on its wheels to get it moving again.

Unfortunately, even if they did find a way to return this antiquated system of locomotion to its limited sphere of influence, it would still only accommodate those travelers who are affluent enough to afford the price of a ride in the first class car.

Education reformers are betting that once they shine up the train and the tracks, citizens will not recognize the system of education that has be taking our children around in circles, failing, year after year, to get any closer to reaching a successful destination.

Common Core, standardized testing, teacher evaluations, master schedules, post-failure programming, privatization, charter schools, are nothing more than rust removers and glossy paint being used to cover up decades of failure.

The only way to provide our children with the education they deserve is to change the direction of educational tracking from identifying our children’s weaknesses to discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents.

Education must be fueled by the power and passions of teachers that believe in the power and passions of their students. That can only happen when the entire education community comes together to support the construction of a new system of education that is driven by the gifts and talents of every child.

We cannot continue to force our children onto a train that has jumped the track; a train that was constructed decades ago with only one track that revolves in circles of failure.

It is time we begin to build new tracks. We must work together, as a community, to put our children on those tracks, tracks that lead to the educational and civic success of all children.

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