Single Payer Health Care

I went to Albany last Tuesday with Metro Justice. We went to meet with Morelli and instead ended up with Justin Wilcox. 

This is the posting on The Democratic Ledger - Monroe County Legislator Justin F. Wilcox represents the 14th Legislative District, which includes the Town of Brighton, and northern portions of the Town of Henrietta.  Justin was elected in November 2011 to serve a four-year term which began on January 1, 2012. Justin currently serves as the Ranking Minority Member on the Environment and Public Works Committee and is also a member of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee.Having worked in the New York State Senate and then the Monroe County Legislature, Justin has developed a strong background and experience in government and public policy that spans a decade

Justin currently works in the New York State Assembly where he has a central role in crafting and advancing Assemblyman Morelle’s legislative agenda, which has focused on economic development and restoring consumer protection and accountability in the financial services industry.

I would like to say that the encounter was positive but I was surprised at his negative attitude. For every fact that was presented to him concerning the reports that single payer would save money he  would comeback with an ubstantiated report about why our info was flawed. 

When I reported on the salaries of CEOs that were receiving huge bonuses and salaries he didn't have a quick comeback on that. I reported to him that the CEO of Excellus received a 2.7 million dollar bonus for agreeing to stay with Excellus for an additional 3 years. 

I would think that the amount of waste in corporate salaries could be streamlined and that would result in lower costs in operating expenses.

This is the link to the Democrat and Chronicle article from which I gathered my facts.

With the need for healthcare as a preventative measure there would be less cost in the long term due to prevention of illness in the  patient. 

I also read recently that when a person has less stress due to lack of health care that they have better health overall.

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