Systems Change

The green party is no longer a fringe element in Rochester. Thanks to the work of Alex White in the last few years and our candidate slate this year, the word is getting out that you can vote green.

One example that I would like to highlight is policing and crime. We do want change in the position of Police Chief, we do want change in the way the police deals with situations and we do want better visibility in the community for the police.

Who do we want this for? The community and the police.

If you were to talk to any recruit in the police force and ask them what their ideal working environment would involve, they would probably say to be involved in community and to make a difference. This is an idealist position, but one that all people hold.. they want to make a difference.

One picture that new police officers will not paint for you is that they want to wear body armor all the time with their gun ready even for the simplest of calls, use intimidation, have to group up into bands of 3-4 to make arrests and practically have to live in their cars with no community involvement.

Would you, as a person reading this, want to be afraid for your life constantly?

We're afraid of the unknown, and our current systems have the unknown written all over them?

We want to remove the unknown and create solid, reachable and accountable government.

So ask yourself:Do you worry about crime, Do you worry about education, Do you worry about the economy?

If you do, the next question is simple: When was the last time your city representative was visible to you outside of election season?

Don't be afraid of the unknown. Vote row F on November 5th

A great video on Systems change can be found here :

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