Technological Transparency

As stated in yesterday’s post, one cannot be held accountable for performing the duties of their position unless those duties are known.

The list of administrators, chiefs, directors, and other assistants to the Superintendent is long. And though the district divided its organizational charts into three parts, all administration falls under the purview of the Superintendent, the School Board, and ultimately, the community.

With advances in technology, it is not difficult to imbed a link within each position listed on the organizational chart that connects any interested party to the job description and list of duties for that position.

We are told that the majority of the district’s budget is spent on salaries and compensation, being led to believe that those salaries and compensations belong to classroom teachers who are failing our children.

What we are not told is what percentage of those salaries and benefits belong to administrators who never enter the classroom.

With the continuous controversy over teacher evaluations, the community tends to overlook the fact that administrative positions command six figure salaries with no evaluative process for their performance.

When there is a budget deficit we are told that teachers must be “let go” and when the community demands that personnel cuts take place at Central Office, we are told that the district cannot be run properly with a smaller staff.

The Rochester Teacher’s Association is constantly coming under fire for its negotiating practices however no one ever questions ASAR, the Association of Supervisors & Administrators of Rochester.

In fact, very few citizens even know that administrators and supervisors have a union since they are considered management and traditionally management is not unionized.

The School Board has certain duties and responsibilities for which they are not held accountable simply because very few people know and understand their roles and responsibility.

Requiring the district to make public the roles and responsibilities of its administrators is the first step in creating the transparency necessary to hold our leaders in education accountable for our children’s educational success or failure.

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