This Election Change The Direction Of Education

Imagine a system of education in which “each student (would) be able to reach his educational goals and enter adulthood as a good citizen capable of fulfilling his self-determined purpose in life and; that students who show specific talents be awarded the opportunity to pursue them to their personally and socially beneficial limits. A proportionally-educated, maximally self-governing electorate . . . America’s greatest defense against tyranny.” {Thomas Jefferson}

Imagine a child centered system of education that concentrated on discovering, developing and directing the gifts and talents of every child, making them proud of themselves and proud to be a contributing member of society.

Imagine teachers who are respected as professionals, trusted and empowered to bring their passion into the classroom to inspire and empower their students.

Imagine a system of education not bound by the inconsistencies of political policies, infused with corporate ideologies.

It may seem more like a dream than a reality but it can be accomplished.

Last night at the Conversation with the Regents event held at Gates-Chili High School Regents Brown and Norwood reiterated what has been said many times before, they are bound by the Legislature and must carry out their intended purpose for our current system of education; to create college and career ready students.

This being the case, it is up to the citizens of the United States, the voting public, to make their voice heard by voting into office those candidates who will ignore the jingle of corporate coin and return education to its original intent.

It is up to the voting public to seek out those leaders in education who believe that our children are more valuable as human beings than as a 21st Century workforce.

It is up to the voting public to vote into office those candidates who truly want to lead our children and our society to a successful future in an America that is “one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

Today, November 5th, 2013, election day, can be the day that changed the face of the nation.

Vote for Change.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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