What’s In A Word? – Understanding

Special: Better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual

When we talk about growing a city we must begin with the system of education that city provides for its families.

Public taxes should not be the “cash cow” for private enterprise. They should be used to increase the welfare of the greatest number of individuals in the society in which those taxes are collected.

Currently in education, the greatest amount of educational tax dollars collected fund those districts with the greatest amount of failure so that the greatest good can be done for those who have the greatest need.

Ergo, to increase funding districts must maintain or increase failure. This is the condition of urban education.

Without realizing the effect this rationale has on the total society, we have created a system of education that maintains failure for a larger population of society so that members of a smaller population can maintain and/or increase their level success.

Under this system, the smaller population must continually increase their level of success in order to pay for the increased failure of the larger population.

When we begin to look at education from a different perspective, concentrating on the gifts and talents of all children, the system of education begins to reward those districts that are successful in providing an excellent education to every child thereby creating a larger population of taxpayers who pay less to relieve the burdens of the smaller population that education has failed.

Should a district be highly successful in educating its population, that district would be given funding to replicate their system of education in failing districts increasing the necessity for failing districts to succeed in order to receive funding.

All education must be special in order to recognize the necessity to provide an excellent education to all children for the good of the larger population in order to meet the needs of the less successful smaller population of our world that education has failed.

We must change the direction of education towards success for the benefit of all mankind.

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