What We Don’t Know Is Killing Us

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein

The advent of the television brought the world into a comprehensible size and people began to realize that human suffering extended beyond our own backyards.

Being able to witness the death and destruction caused by war changed people’s attitudes towards the political defense of a country and the mindset of American’s shifted towards peace.

Computers, having the potential to bring humanity even closer towards the peace of understanding, instead, created a communication divide tantamount to the Tower of Babel.

What we don’t know is that poverty, race, class, are all symptoms of hate and the lack of interpersonal communication perpetuates that hate which not only insures corporate profits but secures the position of the wealthy at the top of the social pyramid.

Currently, the majority of relationships in education are adversarial. Because of the extreme amount of failure experienced by certain “subgroups” of children, those who profit from hate and discontent are able to keep the stakeholders in education, parents, teachers, students, administrators, and community members at odds with each other by maintaining an attitude of blame through the lack of communication.

And, since everyone is at fault and no one wants to assume responsibility, those, whose only interest is profit, continue to reap the benefits of a field laying fallow until the demand for nourishment raises the price and profit of the owners of the land and seed.

When we begin to educate children properly, teaching them how powerful they are, causing them to understand that their spirit, their will, their humanity, are more important than what they wear, or drive, or own, then we will see success in education and we will begin to evolve as a species.

Our children don’t know how powerful they are because, as adults, we have yet to realize how powerful we are, individually, but most especially, collectively.

Once adults realize their power we can pass that knowledge along to our children.

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