Deborah Kendrick

Petition for Commissioners of Education to Resign

8 signatures

We, the undersigned residents of the City of Rochester, draw the attention of the Board of Regents to the following:


  • Historically the Rochester City School District leadership has failed to provide an excellent education to the majority of its students.
  • The Rochester City School District has and continues to operate under severe financial loss.
  • Commissioners of the Rochester City School District School Board, by entering into an agreement with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the Managing Money Smartly Grant Program, have admitted that they are unable to effectively and efficiently make resource decisions for the Rochester City School District.
  • The current Board of Education does not meet the Board of Regents Characteristics of Effective School Boards.

THEREFORE, your petitioners request the New York State Board of Regents to call for the resignation of each Commissioner of Education that voted to adopt Resolution 2013-14 as an admission of their inability to effectively and efficiently manage the Rochester City School District.

President Malik Evans

Commissioner Jose Cruz

Commissioner Willa Powell

Commissioner Van White