A Labor Of Love

Teaching is not a job or a profession, it is a dedication to the enlightenment of mankind.

Believing that all children learn in their own way and being able to discern the strengths and abilities of a child is not learned, it is a talent.

Understanding the value of the individual perspective of every human being is having the insight to acknowledge and respect the unique aspect of the spirit within everyone.

We have evolved beyond the point where children are considered extra farm hands, a means of carrying on the family business, or another worker in the family to help pay the bills.

The evolution of every culture shows us that once the basic needs of the tribe are met their culture moves towards exploring and expanding the artistic abilities of the members of the community.

The struggle to maintain the artificial notion of class-ism keeps us from evolving into an enlightened society that engages our children in discovering, developing, and directing the more spiritual aspects of human-kind, artistic expression.

Artistic expression opens the door to communication and critical thinking. It brings us together to discuss the finer points of a concept or idea.

Artistic expression defines and refines our ideas, building on what exists and eliminating what shouldn’t.

Our children are our future and our future must not have a monetary value but a human one.

We celebrate Labor Day to honor those who stood up for the rights of workers.

It is time we stand up for the right of every child to receive an excellent education.

It is time we evolve beyond the point of placing a monetary value on educating our children and focus on discovering, developing, and directing the talents of our children so that we can evolve into an enlightened society that values the integrity, respect, and love one human being has for another.

Teaching children to love and respect themselves and others is a labor of love. Once we accomplish that, they will happily learn whatever else is necessary to be successful in their environment.

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