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The Green Party has been saying for years that the two corporate parties are the same in most ways. They are both owned by corporations. They both sell out their base. And they both actively support genocide.

The majority of Americans say they want a viable third party, but it will not happen spontaneously. We have to MAKE it happen. We can't wait for "other Light green background with a clenched fist in the foregroundpeople" to create a true, powerful independent party. It's time to join the Green Party.

Join us:
Thursday, February 22nd, from 7 - 9pm
Flying Squirrel,  285 Clarissa St, Rochester
Or on Zoom (see below).

We will discuss what needs to be done to make electoral politics an effective tool in our toolbox to create a just society. Let's make those in Washington stop genocide around the world, get us actual single payer health care, make housing a human right and more.

Register for the Zoom link at

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