Being Green

As a former Democrat it was a conscious choice to become a Green but the only one that I felt made sense. I was breaking with my roots but for me it was the only logical choice to make. I felt that the Green Party had the concern for the issues that I cared about in their party platform.

In the years since I became a Green I have seen the struggle that the Green's face in their attempts to make drastic changes. The Greens aim to make positive change that often upsets the status quo of the political parties that protect corporations. For myself it has always been the needs of the people that should be addressed and that are the most important.

It is not hard to see as you walk through the city that there are many areas that need improvement. We need to have a balance between meeting the needs of the city for growth and businesses but not by ignoring the needs of the residents. These projects which are subsidized by the city do not appear to make positive change in adding jobs for residents in this time of high unemployment.

Government should be a give and take situation but it appears that the city is giving more away than it is getting in return. 

Now we hear from the current Mayor that we are in a major deficit position financially. What services to the residents are going to be cut to feed the projects that have been approved by the Mayor?

Are taxes going to be raised on the property owners of the city to fund projects that should not have been approved without input from and concern for the people of the city?

Will absentee landlords with substandard rental properties raise the rent on those who have little choices in affordable and safe housing? Some of these landlords receive their rents through DSS and while collecting rents fail to pay their city taxes and water bills.

Will we be further burdened by the choices made by past administrations?

We need change and I believe the Green Party has the qualified candidates to make the changes that the people and this city need.

Vote Row F for the Green Party this year and bring about real change.

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Green Rochester posted about Being Green on Green Rochester's Facebook page 2013-05-08 09:22:31 -0400
City Council candidate Dorothy Paige joined the Green Party because she saw that we put the needs of people and communities first, unlike the failed vision of the Democratic leaders. Are you a Democrat that feels likewise and plans to vote Green this year? What was it that made you decide to vote Row F?