Building A Workforce vs Educating Children

Though Resolution 2013-14:32, which calls for entering into an agreement with the Gates Foundation to spend $360,000.00 to teach our district leaders how to manage the district, was tabled and moved to a Special Meeting to be discussed, it was not voted down.

The resolution should have already been discussed before coming to the Board for approval. Each member of the Board should have realized the ramifications of this agreement and, understanding the implications of the open-ended time reference, “future years” should have immediately rejected it on that basis alone.

What was approved by the Board was $15,213.00 with the justification that “Teachers will support the Teacher Incentive Fund Conference though Avatar work and programmatic support of the conference including presentation sessions aligned with the Regents Reform Agenda.”

$110,000.00 for “The Office of Professional Learning in Partnership with the Departments of ELA and Math will provide training for 7, 8, and 9th grade teachers on the Ramp Up and On Ramp protocols.”

$60,000.00 for a program that will provide “First Aid training with certification opportunity. Self-esteem and community building activities.”

Also approved was a series of amendments that moved $1,110,140.00 dollars out of the General Fund budget and into Title 1 Grant funding to cover the cost of summer school.

By not voting down Resolution 2013-14:32, approving the expenditure of money the district does not have, and having to redirect those expenditures to Title 1 funds that are designed to help those students with specific learning difficulties, our district leaders have proven that they are unable to properly manage the district and its affairs.

Is it the intention of the Board to follow the lead of corporate concupiscence by mis-educating our children to become the 21st Century workforce?

Is the Board more concerned with getting money to employ adults rather than using the money they have been given to educate our children?

As concerned citizens it is imperative that we are cognizant of the decisions that our elected, appointed, and hired leaders make.

We must change the leadership in order to change the system of education that has been failing our children for decades.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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