Common Sense Not Common Core

Ten years ago mayoral control was the answer to the failing system of education in New York State. Now charter and private schools and the “common core” are considered the answer.

Currently, failing school districts blindly follow the edicts of a federal government that wants no responsibility for educating America’s children yet hands down a “cut and paste” document prescribing what children should do, ignoring what children can do, in order to determine the achievement of children and the ability of educators based on an unrealistic and inhumane set of standards. These artificial learning standards are now being forced on three and four year old children at the early childhood level of education.

Common sense tells us that our current system of education is failing to provide an excellent education to America’s children and that we cannot continue to allow educational leaders to “reform” the system instead of change it.

Add-ons, take-aways, professional development and “turn-key” teaching dominate education reform as it continues to employ adults and mis-educate children.

The RCSD has bought into the new “Common Core” standards and on August 10, 2013 will indoctrinate parents into the “New Wave of Common Core”. The conference subtitle, “Our Children, Their Future”.

To whose future are they referring?

Since the common core standards are contrary to the developmental learning abilities of all children, and, given that districts that are not failing are not expected to comply with the standards, common sense tells us that school districts that experience high concentrations of poverty and extreme educational failure are purposely forced into a system of education that does nothing more than provide an uneducated “workforce” for corporate commanders.

These poor, inner city school districts acquiesce to the demands of federal and state policies in order to “get more money” not to better educate children.

Our children deserve educational leaders who have the common sense to realize that the common core does nothing more than enslave children to a life of self hatred and poverty.

Our children are excellent, not common, and their education must be the same.

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