Failure Fuels Funding

“Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia have made it more attractive to seek welfare benefits than entry-level employment.Cato Institute.”

“The federal government currently funds 126 separate programs targeted toward low-income people. . . State, county, and municipal governments operate additional welfare programs. . . . welfare spending has steadily increased at an unchecked rate, outpacing average entry-level incomes and making it more attractive in some areas to seek welfare over employment.”

New York State Welfare Spending
Pre-tax Equivalent ($): 43,700
Hourly Wage Equivalent ($): 20.01
Unemployment: 7.5 percent

(New York State’s unemployment rate is .1 percent higher than the national rate.)

Most Americans don’t mind the government spending their tax dollars on social welfare programs. These social welfare programs employ thousands of people per state, and millions across the country. In order for these people to remain employed, there has to be an impoverished population to maintain the necessity for social programs and the people that run them.

Considering the fact that even the most basic employment requires an education, the failure to provide that education to a certain group of people, African Americans and Latinos, insures that the educated, who are primarily White and Asian, will have jobs while the impoverished will remain on welfare.

Being paid more on welfare than working is not new. Looking at the reality of why a certain group of people are paid to remain on welfare has yet to be examined.

The truth is, in order to maintain the class system that exists in America, there has to be a lower class and the majority population of that lower class has always been African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, not so ironically, the same groups that our current system of education is failing.

As long as Americans accept the notion of “Middle Class” they blindly agree that there should be a “lower class” of people and an “upper class”. Only mis-education can perpetuate this kind of ignorance.

The only way to change this dehumanizing system is to properly educate every child.

The only class our children should be in is a classroom.

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