Great Power Demands Great Responsibility

Voltaire “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Stupidity: Behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.

Recently the news show 20/20 aired a story about police officers breaking speeding laws when not on a call. One officer was convicted of killing two young people when his cruiser crashed into their vehicle at a speed of more than one hundred miles per hour.

Even more recently, the Democrat & Chronicle ran a story about our local government officials being caught by red light camera enforcement breaking the law. The story reported that even Police Chief Sheppard received a fine.

In both instances, law enforcement officials were involved in destroying or losing evidence that would implicate many more officers and government workers than were discovered.

This is the result of mis-education.

Those who have achieved a position of power in a particular society have a responsibility to all those who have not, to role model the adherence to and respect for the laws and moral attitudes of that society.

Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be true in America.

As a result of this stupidity, we have a government that is trillions of dollars in debt and currently “shut down”, police officers and government officials believing that they are above the law, and children who are confused and lost in a world of “do’s” and “don’ts” that do and don’t matter depending upon your financial and/or political status.

An excellent education would not allow this unthinkable and unrealistic attitude to exist.

An excellent education would make children aware of the fact that one cannot be proud of oneself when one chooses to do wrong.

Currently the focus of education is on learning the “basics” which most believe are Reading, Writing, Math, and now Science.

The basics of education must also include Social Studies. The study of the social behaviors within cultures.

Education must focus on the child so that we maintain our humanity in order to live responsibly, evolving into respectful, loving, kind, and caring individuals.

This is the result of a child-centered excellent education.

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