Transfer Hickey Freeman to Worker Ownership

The following release was originally issued during my campaign for State Assembly in 2012.  Although not as dire as last year's threat of bankruptcy, today's news that Hickey Freeman may face a transfer in ownership yet again, highlights the instability that corporate ownership brings to workers in our community.  If those in power had heeded my advice, we wouldn't be dealing with this only 7 months later.  It's time for us to elect politicians that lead in the way we need.  Support Green Rochester. Vote Row F.

Langdon calls for transfer of bankrupt Hickey Freeman to worker-ownership

Rochester, NY -- Following Friday’s announcement by HMX Group of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Drew Langdon,  Green Party candidate in the 137th Assembly District, called for the transformation of Hickey Freeman into a worker-owned cooperative. The 137th District comprises the town of Gates and a large part of the City of Rochester.

‚ÄúThe nearly 500 workers of Hickey Freeman have faced the threat of factory closure and the loss of their jobs on multiple occasions. ¬†Recognizing the impact that this would have on the Rochester community, politicians have worked to provide HMX and its predecessors with bailout financing. ¬†And this solution of corporate welfare continues to fail us.‚ÄĚ

Langdon continued, ‚ÄúCorporations rooted in private finance will never work in the best interest of our communities, because their commitment is to their investors not to their workers, putting profits before people. But there is another answer. ¬†We can instead protect these jobs by transferring ownership of Hickey Freeman from HMX to current workers. ¬†This new worker-owned cooperative could be established through the use of existing state economic development funds. This is a perfect opportunity for our government officials to start the needed transition to a democratized economy that will finally eradicate the crippling effect that poverty has on our communities.‚ÄĚ


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