Institutionalized Racism

The Rochester City School District, being a Title 1 district receives much of its funding through federal entitlement programs. The district also classifies more African American males that the State average.

There is no question that the entire system of education is wrought with institutionalized racism, however the struggle to overcome this inherent evil can only be effective when addressed at the federal level.

Currently, according to the language of the federal government, the level of achievement for all children in the United States is “middle income white male”.

Individuals are considered excellently educated if they meet or exceed the level of educational success as their white male counterparts. Every other individual in America that does not fit the description of “middle income white male” is considered a subgroup according to Federal education language.

Today at noon, the Frederick Douglass Resource Center will host a talk by Shawn Dove, philanthropist and manager of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement. Local leaders will be called upon to discuss the educational challenges that exist for Black and Latino males.

If the language of the Federal government’s entitlement programs is not addressed, little can and will be done to end the institutionalization of hate within the system of education that works to enslave all children to the “isms” of corporate control.

When “middle income white male” continues to be the bar of achievement, racism, sexism, and classism all come into play and weigh heavily on every child that does not fit the predetermined norm set by the federal government.

Today’s discussion should include a commitment to lobby the Congress and Senate education committees and demand that the language of Federal entitlement programs be free of all reference to any group or subgroup classification.

By ignoring the language ensconced within the system of education we are simply reforming the failure that our current system of education produces and has produced for decades.

We must remove all bars from education and allow our children to soar to the heights of their personal level of success.

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