L. Francis Thomas – Your Eyes on Education Please, No More About The Common Core

It is evident by now, to everyone who considers themselves an education activist or advocate, that Common Core standardization is not working.

The information gathered, from the introduction to the institution to the implementation of these “cut and paste” standards, has been largely negative.

Though the Federal government will not commit to making an excellent education the Constitutional right of every child in America, it gives itself the right to create curriculum standards and enforce them across the country, while at the same time relinquishing responsibility for the fiscal management of federal entitlement money to States and LEA’s.

Everyone with a vested and active interest in the system of education knows that the Common Core Standards are wrong for early childhood and elementary age children. Even the Federal education agencies are easing away from RTTT and ESEA Re-authorization requirements, allowing states waivers for its implementation.

No more rhetoric on the Common Core Standards.

It is time we rid ourselves of the current system of education that embraces the standardization of our children and destroys their natural abilities to be successful in their environment.

It is time we stop trying to fix what is wrong and recognize that the entire system of education must be changed so that it focuses on the gifts and talents of ALL children.

It is time we create a system of education that encourages and supports positive relationships between and among all stakeholders in education.

It is time we create a system of education that encourages and supports community based businesses in order to rebuild the infrastructure of the towns and cities in which our children live.

It is time we recognize that an excellent education is the right of every child in America and on earth.

Spending time examining and talking about what is wrong is important. For years we have tried to fix what is wrong with the current system of education and have failed to achieve any real success.

It is time we provide our children the excellent, child centered, experiential education they deserve.

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