Life Is A Choice – Death Is An Option

Choice: The opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities : The opportunity or power to make a decision.

Option: Something that can be chosen.

An excellent education provides our children with the opportunity to see and understand the possibilities that exist within them that make choosing their life’s path personal and meaningful.

If, in education, we don’t open the doors to the realm of possibilities for success in life, death becomes an option for our children.

Unfortunately, the morbidity rate of mis-education has increased the educational mortality rate of our young men and women.

It is impossible to teach our children how powerful they are when the adults in their immediate environment feel powerless to control their own lives. This attitude of helplessness is learned.

Children are born fearing nothing and loving everything. As they get older, they begin to adopt the attitudes and beliefs of the adults within their sphere of influence.

Upon entering school, children are introduced to a whole new set of attitudes and beliefs that they will juxtaposition against those they bring from their primary environment, home.

If, in school, children learn that their primary environment is unacceptable, they generalize that attitude and believe that they are also unacceptable.

In our current system of education, children of impoverished parents are not seen as having the “proper knowledge” base and are therefore “classified” as learning disabled so that they can receive the “special education” they must have in order to meet the requirements of the grade in which they have been placed.

Parents, whose children have been classified, accept this fate for their children because more than likely, they were indoctrinated into the system of education in the same way.

This sense of helplessness is perpetuated generation after generation as has become more than a symptom of mis-education but a legacy of failure throughout our country.

When our children are given no choice for a successful future, their only option is death by drugs, guns, incarceration, hopelessness.

Our children deserve the power of choice that an excellent education provides.

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