Living Poor In Rochester

I was downtown today looking for work. The job market this month is not great for older workers or anyone with or without some education. I think of myself as being a pretty savvy person, as someone who can always find a job but that isn't the case right now. I have been applying for jobs that I would usually not think of applying for. Yesterday I applied for a job in a card store putting inventory on shelves. Other jobs that I have applied for that were at places I had worked at previously that didn't turn into a job offer or even an interview. I would hate to think that it is an age discrimination thing but it might be the case.

So here I am living on my limited income and trying to do as best I can. I buy bulk rice, tofu, shop at the public market, thrift stores.

On occasion I stop in at my favorite soup kitchens and clothing rooms. I like going to the soup kitchens because aside from the food I can get healthcare advice, referrals to the clothing rooms and I get to be with my friends. They are my friends because they are good people who have just have fallen upon hard times financially or emotionally. I feel at home there. We sit and chat, discuss films, news, current books we are reading and just about our lives in general.

The lives we are living here in the city is just one of the reasons that I am interested in being on Rochester's City Council. I want to represent the people who have the greater needs. We need affordable healthcare, affordable housing and jobs. We need to feel safe in our city. I don't think that is too much to ask for.

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