Love and Happiness vs Hate and Discontent

In the past, the goal of public education was to provide children with the experiences and opportunities in life that their parents could not.

Bringing children together in order to broaden their interpersonal skills and understanding of the various cultures that exist throughout the world was part of the curriculum.

To be educated meant that you were given the skills to survive in whatever environment you happened to find yourself whether it be forest or fancy restaurant.

In the past, public education prepared children for their role as an informed citizen that was able to read the daily newspaper, understand, and discuss current events at home and around the world.

Please and thank you, excuse me, after you, were expected human kindnesses and helping one another was a heart felt value not a monetary one.

Being an elected official was more than a popularity or beauty contest, you actually had to have your “finger on the pulse of America”.

In the past Americans took pride in themselves and in their country.

Today, the goal of education is to get children college or career ready. It separates children by placing undue attention on arbitrary concepts such as wealth and race.

Environmental survival skills have been removed from the curriculum and reading the newspaper to learn about and discuss current events has become an obsolete concept.

You rarely hear adults say please or thank you to children in a respectful way, excuse me has become an ultimatum, me first has replaced after you, and giving at the office has replaced helping your neighbor.

Being an elected official means forwarding your own agenda regardless of what Americans actually want or need.

Get over to get by has made it impossible for anyone to take pride in themselves or in America.

It is time we took a few steps back to figure out where we fell off the track. We have to return to that time in our history when love and happiness were coveted in order to replace the hate and discontent we are currently experiencing.

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