Middle America – The Silent Majority

Four stories dominated the news yesterday, the shutdown of the federal government, a young woman killed in Washington, DC, another young woman abducted, and the attack of an SUV driver by a group of motorcyclists.

The shutdown of the federal government has left thousands of government employees unpaid until Congress settles their disagreement over health care legislation.

In a country that provides free health care to individuals who have never worked, how can we argue over affordable health care for those that do?

Why are low salaried government workers not paid when high paid Congressmen will still receive their salary?

A young woman, with an 18 month old child in the car crashed into security barricades near the White House.

Why did security personnel shoot into the car to kill the woman, endangering the welfare of the child instead of shooting into the car to disable the vehicle and arrest the woman insuring the safety of the child?

Parents are uniting to find another young woman who was abducted by a predator.

What has happened to our natural instincts, as animals, to recognize and avoid predators?

Motorcyclists, upset by an encroaching SUV stop the vehicle and attack the driver.

Why didn’t they call the police to settle the situation?

In all of these situations emotions played an extremely important role in the decisions made by every individual involved.

When we are taught to place blame instead of take responsibility, to hide our emotions and not talk about how we truly feel, to ignore our natural instincts of self preservation, to react instead of act, we become dehumanized and subject to chaos instead of calm.

Decades of mis-education has created a chaotic society in which citizens remain silent about adverse societal situations that do not directly affect them not realizing that we are all directly affected by adverse societal situations.

Silence has allowed our government to fail, our children to suffer, and our society to devolve.

Our voice is our most powerful weapon against the injustices of the world.

Stand up and speak out.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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