More DCIP Accountablity

While the District does not describe “the overall improvement mission or guiding principles at the core of the district comprehensive improvement plan . . . ” it begins the DCIP by addressing the major recommendations made by the State after their audit.

The first “Major Recommendation”, “Schools need an effective school leadership team with the experience and expertise to support high academic achievement for all students.”

The District’s response to this recommendation is, “The district will have vigorous recruitment strategies and structures that include partnerships with college institutions, and other agencies that lead to highly effective personnel in all schools.”

The District’s “Goal” does not properly, effectively, or efficiently address the recommendation for “an effective school leadership team” since this would mean members of the whole school community would be involved in the leadership of the school, not just teachers and administrators.

The solutions the District provides for addressing this recommendation concentrate on teacher evaluations which have nothing to do with building a “school leadership team.”

The second “Major Recommendation”, “The district needs to assess/define how resources are allocated to schools based on the adoption of the Regents Reform Agenda, State Mandates and particular school models.”

The “Goal”, “The District will develop a structure for assessing and deploying resources to buildings that are equitable and adequately allocate school funds around the following: A core instructional program at each grade level built on the CCSS, the DTSDE and the expressed needs of the school community.”

The District’s goal is not to assess and deploy resources effectively and efficiently, but to develop a structure for deploying resources equitably and adequately.

The “Target” for district goals reads, “The district will staff priority and focus schools on a yearly basis with 95% fidelity according to the following key elements: Recommendations found in the DTSDE review, strong instructional core programs built around CCSS, state mandates and those recommendations made by district and school leaders to ensure optimal instruction at all levels.”

What does this mean and what does it have to do with resource allocation?

Review of the DCIP will continue tomorrow.

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