No Taxation Without Representation

“No taxation without representation” a phrase coined in the 1700′s, marked the uprising of Americans against British rule because they were not represented in Parliament and therefore had no voice in the government.

As American citizens we are required to pay billions of dollars in federal, state and local taxes and with the collection of those taxes we have the right to vote for local, state, and federal representatives who are duty bound to enact legislation for the good of the people.

Leonie Haimson, Executive Director of Class Size Matters writes:
“Since the court made its decision in the CFE (Contract for Excellence) case that NYC children were deprived of their constitutional right to an adequate education in large part because of excessive class sizes, class sizes have instead INCREASED each year in every grade in the city’s schools.”

New York State Department of Education Commissioner John King has suspended his “Town Hall” meetings to explain the Common Core because he could not adequately address the concerns of parents saying that they, “were being controlled and dominated by “special interests.”

Is it possible that the “special interests” of parents are their children?

A better question might be, “What “special interests” are controlling Commissioner King?

Because we are being taxed so heavily, it is imperative that we use our Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote, not along party lines, but for candidates who speak with the voice of the people.

For too long has the American citizen been lackadaisical about the importance of voting, leaving the future of our country in the hands of those who only care about their “futures”.

It is time that the “common” man exercise his responsibility to vote by engaging in and understanding the issues that stand before us.

Voting along party lines is what caused the “shut down” of our government.

Voting along party lines is directly responsible for the educational failure of our children.

It is our responsibility, as citizens, to know what candidates for public office are saying and to hold them accountable for what they say.

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