No Time Like The Present

With November 5th, Election Day, eight days away, voters must ask themselves, are we content or discontent with the way our leaders are running our government?

In the education arena, three School Board Commissioner seats are open. Given the failure of the Rochester City School District to provide an adequate education to even half of its students, the answer to that question should be clear.

Other issues in education, such as adherence to the Common Core Standards, standardized testing, teacher evaluations, and more local concerns, the Superintendent’s imposed “master schedule” the question of district leadership becomes even more vital.

There have been a great many forums for candidates to attend and share their views, beliefs, and plans with the public. Now it is up to the voting public to decide who best to represent their voice as School Board Commissioner.

Three important questions that must be asked of the incumbents and those who would be newly elected candidates are:

What have you done; what will you do to facilitate increased student success in learning?

What have you done; what will you do to increase parental engagement and involvement in their children’s educational lives and in the process of educating their children?

What have you done; what will you do to increase transparency and accountability in the day to day management of the Rochester City School District?

Our children plus our parents equal our district. If one of these aspects fails, the entire system fails. Without parents there would be no children, without children, there is no need for the district.

Currently, the leadership of the Rochester City School District has failed in each of these areas to effectively and efficiently achieve success.

The citizens of Rochester have eight days to read, watch, and listen to candidate literature, commercials, speeches, and radio programs.

Voters have a serious responsibility to decide to maintain the current status of our district or vote to change the leadership and possibly the direction of the district.

Change does not guarantee success but it does provide the possibility for success.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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