Not Who But What

While it is important to know and understand the level of integrity of any individual running for public office, it is impossible to know whether they will maintain their integrity once in office.

Those who drafted and ratified our Constitution knew this which is why they incorporated term limits into their plan. They also warned against the perils of party politics.

Before voting for any leader, it is the duty of every citizen to know the issues of the office, the perspective of the candidate on the issues, and how they and the general populous feel about those issues.

Unfortunately, since party politics has taken over our elected leadership positions, citizens have allowed their party affiliates to tell them, without knowing or understanding the candidate or the issues personally, who is best for the job.

Knowing for whom to vote into a particular elected office and knowing the level of integrity of that individual is as simple as watching the news and reading the paper.

True leaders are not politically groomed by party power mongers. Leaders are supposed to rise up from among the people to address those issues that negatively affect their lives.

A community leader is easily recognized by their work in the entire community while politicos serve only those they believe can and will advance their political career.

A leader in the community has a reputation for being knowledgeable and passionate about the issues of their leadership.

A leader can intelligently discuss the problems of their community while offering realistic, operable, positive, solutions to those problems.

A leader that comes from the people has suffered with the people and, in understanding the suffering of the people, has a more in-depth perspective on possible solutions to end that suffering.

An individual who has shown themselves to be a community leader has done so at many times, in many venues, before many people.

Voting for community leaders who have shown themselves to be knowledgeable, passionate, and involved in their community is the only way to ensure knowledgeable, passionate, and involved leadership from our elected officials.

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