One Small Step Makes One Huge Statement

Resolution No 2012-13:763
Resolution to terminate Rochester City School District participation in the District-Charter Compact

RESOLVED, that the Rochester City School District will no longer participate in the District-Charter Compact; and be it further
RESOLVED, that any agreement which commits District resources to charter school operators or their agents, except for statutory requirements, will require approval of the full Rochester City School District Board of Education.
Seconded by Member of the Board Commissioner Elliott
Adopted 6-1 with Commissioner Elliott dissenting.

While this resolution doesn’t close the door on corporate influence in education, it acknowledges that its foot is in the door.

Saying “No” to the influx of charter and private schools that are systematically destroying public schooling while they continue to mis-educate our children in their process is an important stand for any school district.

Though the Board approved this resolution, it also approved the hiring of three more Central Office administrators costing $316,000 in salary alone. That brings the cost of Central Office administration additions to approximately three quarters of a million dollars with benefits.

It is also unfortunate that the district continues to play the “Summer School” game, principals recommending their favorite teachers for summer school employment, parents placing their children in summer school to avoid day care costs throughout the summer, the district trying to increase their graduation rate by pushing “boarder-line” students over the edge of failure to be included in a “false positive” data report on the number of students we prepared for life.

It is important to continue to fight and win the small battles in education like Resolution 763 and it is also important to maintain a proper perspective on the amount of failure we experience in this district.

To maintain an archaic system of education that has been proven to fail the majority of our children is inefficient and ineffective.

We have begun the battle to end the corporate influence in education. Now we must take the steps necessary to provide an excellent, child centered, public education to All of our children, in Rochester and in our nation.

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