Politics as usual needs to be changed

In the past it appears that there may have been connections to politicians that may have influenced decisions that were not the best for the City but may have been best for them.

Politics in Rochester seems to have become a club that is based on who you know rather than what you know. Read the postings below and decide for yourself.

On the link below it gives info about the property that had been owned by David Gantt that became the Fastrac Gas Station and Store.


The property needed a variance from the city to build Fastrac on the lot. The property did not have the square feet needed for the use that it was going to be used for. The Marketview Heights neighbors did express the opinion that they wanted it to be used for a purpose that would highlight the area as a gateway to the city. I had been involved with the neighborhood group at that time in my position as a case manager for Pathstone housing in Marketview Heights.
On Lovely Warren's City of Rochester Page she states her work with getting the project approved:
I have also worked with the Collective Action Project of Marketview Heights to help bring the new Fastrac Market at East Main and North Union Streets to our community.  This much-needed grocery store hired twelve neighborhood youth and a single mother, as some of the store’s first employees. 
Recently there was an announcement made with a quote from David Gantt that was very political and in support of Ms. Warren.
Warren is Assemblyman David Gantt's chief of staff. David Gantt told reporters that Joe Morelle, chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, made promises that Warren would be the Democratic candidate in this election. But current mayor Tom Richards, who finished out Bob Duffy's term when he became Lt. Governor, decided he would run for reelection.
Statement from Joe Morelle: 
"David Gantt's claim is preposterous. He knows it, and everyone who knows him will say 'this is David being David'. He's trying to distract people from the remarkable job that Mayor Richards has done in rebuilding our neighborhoods, our schools and our city. Tom Richards deserves our support."
Statement from David Gantt:
"This is the case where a commitment was made for him to finish the term and then leave. Now we get to the door and he's not leaving. That's not our fault," Gantt said.
We need change! We need Alex White as our Mayor!
Rochester needs real change and the Green Party can bring that about.
Vote Row F this November.

Rochester limpia y verde.

Rochester Clean and Green!

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