Reading Is Fundamental

Rhetoric: Language that is intended to influence people and that may not be honest or reasonable.

In reading the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan it is clear that those whose names are attached did not actually read the document they approved.

There are five more tenets addressed in the document:
2.1 – Provide school leaders with support.
3.1 – Provide school community with support; Utilize assessment and accountability systems to assess effectiveness, monitor school progress and determine patters of student learnings and share information with schools on a regular basis.
4.1 – Provide teachers with learning opportunities that help teachers identify best practices and strategies, support for teacher development in effective instructional planning, decision making and delivery, areas of student data use and goal setting to ensure high levels of student engagement and achievement.
5.1 – The district needs a policy and needs to work together collaboratively with the school to provide opportunities and resources that positively support students’ social and emotional health.
6.1 – The district need to focus on its policies to espouse a climate of belonging for families and communities and encourage school wide adoption of the district’s policies.

The actions for these tenets include:
Professional development for district and building leaders, school reviews, restructure Central Office, finalize Core Instructional Program (CIP), follow NYSED developed modules, professional development, activate data coaches, create a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan, hire coordinating directors, deploy coaches to buildings to provide follow up support, assess student support teams, solidify framework, design data collection tool, identify matching services and resources within the district and community to support students based on specific social or emotional need, parent university, parent connect, parent & partners pilot program, SBPT meetings and parents survey.

Every educational dollar spent in the DCIP will be spent on educating adults.

Nothing in the DCIP provides for lowering class size or places more teachers and supports in the classroom. Not one tenet addresses providing a foundation in Arts education for our youngest students or entrepreneurial opportunities for secondary students.

Our children deserve a District Comprehension Improvement Plan that actually plans to improve their educational success.

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