Reading Is Fundamental To Understanding

The reason the general public, is discouraged from reading anything but informational text is because to read fiction is to gain insight into innuendo, rhetoric, metaphors, hyperbole, analogy, logic, wisdom, and truth.

Reading, and understanding the intent of the written word is crucial to understanding the intent of the individual or individuals writing the word. The structure and word choice of every sentence becomes vital to uncovering the truth of the intent.

In a notice sent out by the New NY Education Reform Commission, it tells of a new Education Commission Symposium on education and ends its communication with,

Performance * Integrity * Pride”

It can be assumed that they brainstormed this powerful tag line and all agreed that their verbiage sent exactly the right message.

In dissecting their concluding statement to derive its meaning, leading to the truth of its intent, the capitalization of the first line sends the message that the commission is insecure in the belief of their statement. Making all the words capital shows a lack of strength through the illusion of power. “We work FOR the People!” would have sent a much more humanistic message. The truth of their statement is, they are the power, not the people.

The next sentence, Performance*Integrity*Pride, would also appear to be a strong statement until you recognize the unfortunate choice of order for the words they used. Placing performance before integrity exposes the truth that integrity will suffer when faced with meeting performance. How can anyone take pride in having a lack of integrity? This sentence also speaks to their value system.

Should our educational leaders value performance over integrity?

The truth is, until we focus education on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of every child, we will continue to fail as a community and as a nation.

There is nothing new about the Education Commission or the system of education they promote.

Reading was eased out of education because, if you do not recognize the truth, you cannot fight for the truth.

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