Reign, Reign, Go Away

Flooding across the country has forced people to evacuate their homes, leaving behind everything they’ve worked hard to achieve.

People watching the disaster on television empathize with those experiencing the devastation and may even feel compelled to contribute money to help defray the cost of the damages people have suffered.

However, unless you have actually experienced losing everything you have worked hard to attain; until you have watched your belongings and possibly your loved ones, wash away while you stand, helpless, you can never fully realize or comprehend the feelings and reactions of those who have undergone the tragedy.

As flood victims face each day trying to piece their lives back together, the rest of us continue on in our daily lives, thankful that we escaped the catastrophe.

This is the conundrum education activists face when trying to enlighten people to the devastation caused by the flood of corporate influence on the system of education.

There will be many who will survive the disaster while looking on in horror as the majority of children, who are unable to swim through the torrential downpour of politics, money, and influence, succumb to the waters of mis-education.

There are those that will empathize and are anxious to send money to help flood victims, but they too are suffering and have little time to become involved in changing the system and stopping the reign.

Fortunately, stopping the reign of corporate influence on education can be accomplished by simply voting into office those individuals who are not salted with the cupidity for power and money.

Money will help ease the suffering, however, electing individuals who brave the waters to save our children from the flood of corporate influence on education will stop the reign.

Our elected officials must be more concerned with those suffering from the loss of education, helping them to build and rebuild strong, durable, educational foundations that will not wash away in the flood waters that life rains down.

Our children deserve educational leaders who will brave the waters to save their educational lives.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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