Soap Or Alcohol – You Decide

September 4, 2013 is only three weeks away and the district has its suggested supply list for students posted on their website. Included in the list for Grades Kindergarten through Fifth is one 8 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer.

Several years ago a notice was sent to all schools warning them of the dangers of hand sanitizer.

“The liquid sanitizer, which contains 62 percent Ethanol, makes it a powerful 120 proof liquid. . . “A young child can get into hand sanitizer rather easily, and come into a hospital with alcohol intoxication,” says Cyrus Rangan, MD, a medical toxicology consultant for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

While the number of reported cases of death from alcohol poisoning is relatively low, alcohol induced comas in children has occurred.

It may seem like a trivial concern that the district is promoting the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer to our youngest students, consider kindergarten children who use the sanitizer and then put their fingers in their mouths to suck on them.

Now consider the fact that many children suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome or were born drug addicted and are predisposed to that addiction which can be triggered by the continued exposure of alcohol in their system through the use of hand sanitizer.

Whether or not children are hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, there is still the reality that children are being exposed to and possibly affected by the alcohol in hand sanitizer. Continued exposure can affect their attention, behavior, ability to comprehend and communicate.

The use of hand sanitizer is not more effective than using soap it is simply easier and less expensive.

To make the decision to include hand sanitizer in the list of school supplies for our youngest children is irresponsible if you know and understand the dangers and implications of the use of such a product.

Having the responsibility to insure the health and well being of thousands of children means you should know and then make responsible decisions based on the most current information available.

Our children deserve informed adults making decisions about their education and their educational environment.

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