Special But Not Surprising

Incompetent: Lacking the qualities needed for effective action.

Incompetence: The state or fact of being incompetent.

Last night the RCSD Board of Education held a Special meeting where Resolution 32, entering into an agreement with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was resubmitted for approval.

Present were Commissioners Adams, Cruz, Elliott, Evans, Powell, and White. Commissioner Campos was absent.

Attached are the statements made by the Commissioners who commented on the rationale for their decision and those who commented on the statements of other Commissioners.

Transcript of 8-6-13 Special Board Meeting

Resolution 32 was passed by the Board with Commissioners Cruz, Evans, Powell, and White, voting in favor of the resolution and Commissioners Adams and Elliott voting against.

Though Commissioners Powell and White admitted to having reservations concerning the resolution and the due diligence of the administrative staff to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the outcomes of the consultation with McKinsey, they voted to adopt the resolution.

It is unfortunate that a School Board Commissioner would be offended by the assumption of incompetence and then admit to being inefficient in handling district affairs for eight years.

Commissioner Evans, President of the Board, has been a member of the Board since 2003 and Commissioner Powell, Chair of the Finance and Resource Allocation Committee, was first appointed in 1997, and has served as an elected official since 2003. The two longest standing members of the Board are, admittedly, still unaware of how to effectively and efficiently manage district affairs.

Our children have suffered under this inefficient and ineffective Board for nearly a generation with graduation rates never reaching more than 50%.

Rochester citizens concerned with providing our children with an excellent, child centered, free and public education, are asked to access the Green Party website to sign the petition calling for the resignation of the Board members who, by adopting Resolution 32, admit that after eight plus years, they still do not know how to properly manage district affairs.

The link to the petition is: http://www.greenrochester.org

Our children do not have years to wait until the Board reaches competency.

Join the movement to Save Our Children!

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