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2018 Green Party of New York Campaigns

Howie Hawkins – Governor    
Jia Lee – Lt. Governor
Mark Dunlea – Comptroller
Michael Sussman – Attorney General

Why should people vote for the Green slate:

  • 250,000 votes for Governor has the Greens pass the Conservative Party in NYS.
  • Helps local Greens run for office.
  • Influences what the corporate parties do.
  • Vote for your values: single payer health care, fighting climate change, housing as a right, legalizing marijuana, & more!


1.  Letters to the Editor:

Democrat & Chronicle –  Inbox Submissions are limited to 150 words.  Go to

City Newspaper- Send comments to [email protected], or post them on our website,, our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed, @roccitynews. We edit selections for publication in print, and we don't publish comments sent to other media.

Rochester Business Journal -

Post Messenger -

2.  Social Media Strategy:

Follow/Like campaign social media


                                Twitter:  @HowieHawkins

Share campaign videos & posts.  Liking doesn’t hurt, but it is not particularly helpful.

Hashtags:  #DemandMore  #HowieHawkins  #GreenPartyNY

3.  Sign up for campaign email list, then forward emails to friends & family.

4.  Help with Phone Banking.

                Go to

5.  Face to Face Conversations.

                Be polite, but forceful.  Tell people you’re voting for Howie Hawkins for Governor because x, y, & z

6.  Get a lawn sign &/or wear campaign button

7.  Donate!



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