Still No Respect

Two days after the NYSED deadline for submission of the DCIP and the Rochester City School District has not posted the 2013-14 plan.

The requirements of the DCIP state:
“The Overview will be made widely available through public means, such as posting on the Internet, by the district. It will serve as the at-a-glance summary of how the district will use various funding sources to improve student achievement.”

Since the 2013-14 DCIP is not posted and the 2012-13 DCIP did not contain the required Overview, the community can not know how the district plans to improve student achievement.

Commanding a salary of more than $100,000.00, not including benefits, the expectation for carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the office to which one is appointed should be excellence.

Unfortunately, when the Board President and Superintendent place their approval on an incomplete and incomprehensible document, the level of expectation becomes “good enough” and accountability becomes a matter of quantity not quality. This “good enough” attitude is then adopted by school administrators, teachers, and eventually students.

The Board President and the Superintendent should never place their signature on any document that proves the district and its leaders to be incapable of following directions.

If the Board President and the Superintendent signed the insufficient document without reading it, trusting that the administrator responsible for generating the document has performed adequately, then one must question the decision making skills of both in their ability to hire and appoint efficient and effective administrators.

The fact that the Director of the Office of School Innovation submitted for approval an incomplete and incomprehensible document shows a distinct lack of respect for district leadership.

The fact that the insufficient 2012-13 DCIP was placed on the Internet for public viewing and was not replaced with the 2013-14 DCIP submitted to the NYSED two days ago shows a distinct lack of respect for parents and community members who were not expected to review the document.

This obvious lack of respect for leadership, parents, and the community has created a culture of failure in our district that must be changed.

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