Taking A Break From DCIP

Whistle-blower: A person who tells police, reporters, etc., about something (such as a crime) that has been kept secret; one who reveals something covert or who informs against another.

Inform: To give information to (someone); to be or provide the essential quality of (something); to be very noticeable in (something).

Since total transparency of government is required by the Constitution, how is telling the truth and keeping nothing secret considered a vice instead of a virtue?

When did it become “politically correct” to lie and accept being lied to?

When did it become “socially acceptable” to lie to our children and accept their lies?

When did “good” become good enough, reducing an individual’s best to a level of mediocrity of which no one can be proud?

The word integrity, its meaning, its importance has all but disappeared from our language and our society.

The same ignorance that occurs at the upper income level of society, occurs at the middle income level and at the poverty level of society. Between and among all socioeconomic levels of American society, adults are ignoring their children’s education.

Our current system of education no longer concentrates on producing an intelligent, critically thinking, problem solving, knowledgeable, involved citizen who has respect for self and others and is proud of being an honest, trustworthy individual with integrity.

Our political and educational leaders have proven time and again through their policies, plans, and procedures, that they have little integrity in their process and that money is the driving force behind their decision making, not the educational success of our children.

How then, as an intelligent society, do we continue to support educational leaders who have a proven record of failure in the efficient and effective management of our school district?

Why do we continue to support educational leaders who have no confidence in how they manage district affairs?

It is by accepting this level of incompetence in our leaders that we accept the incompetent level of educational services they provide our children.

Our children deserve leaders with integrity.

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