The Cuomo Road To The 21st Century

Power of Persuasion

Jesse McKinley and Charles V. Bagli of the New York Times reported on Governor Cuomo’s plan for building New York State’s economy with four new casinos.

The article states, “In 2011 and 2012, gambling interests spent $17.8 million on lobbying and political contributions, up 36 percent from the previous two years, according to an analysis by Common Cause.”

The article continues to report, “Any referendum campaign would likely involve education funding; the racinos, which pay a tax rate of more than 60 percent, much of which is earmarked for education, contend that they will have a hard time competing with the new casinos, which Mr. Cuomo has suggested would pay a 25 percent tax rate. That, the racinos say, means there will be less money generated for education. The administration disputes that, saying that more revenue will be produced under their plan.”

Governor Cuomo’s 21st Century workforce the corporate system of education is preparing will be overworked, under-educated, minimum wage earners who will not have to worry about their children being home alone because they will still be in school.

With the Governor supporting extended school day programs, New York State’s children will be in school for more than forty-five hours a week including travel time.

This is how our current leaders intend on growing the “middle class” and making America great for everyone.

Unfortunately, there has been no public outcry against the Governor’s plan to subjugate adults and enslave our children.

Americans have been mis-educated to believe that having a “job” is admirable and that being part of the 21st Century workforce is as American as being “middle class”.

Being human means so much more than being employed. Being human means caring about one another. It means understanding that there is more to life than profits and bottom lines.

Being human means educating our children to understand that they are more valuable than the widgets they are expected to produce.

We, as adults, must open our eyes to the injustice and inequity that controls the nature of the corporate system of education.

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