The DCIP That Isn’t

Of the fifty-four Priority and Focus schools in the Rochester City School District, (8) receive School Improvement Grants (SIG) “to provide adequate resources in order to raise substantially the achievement of students in their lowest-performing schools.”

The DCIP is designed to address the failure to properly educate students based on Major Recommendations by the NYSED.

The district’s solutions:

Tenet 1.1 – Based on a lack of bilingual teachers to fulfill NYSED regulations the district will:
Find bilingual teachers within the district and place them in their proper tenure area; Recruit more bilingual teachers.

Tenet 1.2 – To develop structures for assessing and deploying resources that respond to the needs of all school communities, the district will:
Allocate all resources around a specifically designed Master Schedule linked to the instructional diets of RCSD’s instructional core program;
Place two (2) instructional coaches in each Focus and Priority school (This means 108 adults that will not be teaching students);
Use $350,000 in educational grant dollars to deploy Gates study.

Tenet 1.3 – To concretely communicate an explicit theory of action about school culture that robustly communicates high expectations for addressing the needs of all constituents, the district will:
Send all district leaders on a week long conference (How many educational dollars will be spent for this?);
Outline expectations for elementary and secondary principals;
Provide information to all principals regarding needed goals.

Tenet 1.4 – To have a comprehensive plan for professional development that provide(s) support for staff for increased teacher and leader effectiveness the district will:
Create a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan that supports school leaders and teachers in understanding the evaluation process, how and how to provide relevant feedback;
Hire Coordinating Directors in School Leadership, Initiatives and Outcomes, Coaching and Expanded Learning. (This means more educational dollars spent hiring adults that will not be teaching students.)

To address Tenet 1.5 – Using data to support student achievement:
Each Chief will hire a data coach.

Hiring more adults, providing week long conferences and professional development for leadership is not the answer to ending student failure, it is the reason for student failure.

Educational dollars must be spent on educating children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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