Their Words And Their Actions Speak Failure

“DOE prides itself as operating like a business, but there is no corporation or organization that would fail to evaluate the performance of its top executives. Instead, the educrats at Tweed are more like a petty dictatorship, whose workings are so dysfunctional and mismanagement so extreme that they would have been fired years ago, if there was any accountability at the top.” This statement was made by Leonie Haimson in her blogpost, NYC Public School Parents.

Unfortunately, our system of education is being run exactly like a business in that the bottom line for any business is profits and in the field of education, when you’re dealing with secured public funds, taxes, insuring profitability is completely different.

For any government agency, the loss of funding guarantees additional funding while the decrease in need translates to a decrease in funding. Ergo, failure fuels funding.

From a business standpoint, this is a win, win situation. The only way to insure profits is to insure failure, and the more failure achieved, the higher the profit ratio.

So, while Ms. Haimson is correct from a business point of view, politically, our system of education must fail in order to insure a profitable return on their investment in education.

The reality is, without the Constitutional guarantee of every child’s right to an excellent, child centered, public education, the corporate dollar can buy the educational systems of every State, charter by charter, forcing the educational failure of America’s children.

Ms. Haimson is correct, this is a dictatorship, however their business acumen is faultless. They are not only making money now, they have been making money from this system for hundreds of years and their system of education guarantees profits and a workforce that will be complacent and easily controlled with artificial rewards and irrelevant consequences, well into the future.

It is time we stop the corporate machine from controlling the education and destiny of our children.

Our children deserve an excellent child centered, public education to be free to determine their own destiny and that of humanity.

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